10 Best White Paper Tips – How-To Guide For Writing White Papers That Get Noticed

If you were to gather your marketing content in the same way as a football team, a great paper would likely be your most valuable player. Because it has the exact same name appeal that a star NFL QB, it will probably be your most valuable player. The white paper is what makes the difference Write My Paper For Me.

How can you create a paper more Peyton Manning-like than Jay Cutler? These are the ten top white paper tips that will help you win customers.

1. Think about your audience. Your white paper may not be the one you want to read. For more information, join forums and ask questions.

2. Draw them. The introduction should draw the reader in, making them curious and eager to learn more.

3. It’s time to stop talking about marketing. The paper should provide useful information in a clear and simple way that is easy to comprehend. Make a brochure or salessheet if your goal is to sell.

4. Solution: Don’t tell your audience only about their problems; show them how to solve them. Do not be afraid to give away your inside information. This makes the paper a success.

5. The facts are what you need. However, numbers are not an essential requirement. But good data or survey findings will increase the value of your paper. Look for numbers that can be used by trade groups and academic journals.

6. This will back it all. These marketing pieces are not intended to make unsubstantiated assertions. They will only encourage skepticism in the market and can damage your credibility. Don’t use marketing pieces that don’t provide numbers. Instead, get quotes from objective third parties.

7. The case. Add value by including relevant business case examples and real-life cases.

8. Tell them how you shop. White papers don’t sell your solution. But you can explain how readers can shop for the solution and guide them toward your offer.

9. Think visual. Strong visual elements such sidebars, graphs or pull quotes can be used to support your paper.

10. It is your right to give it away. Limit its effectiveness by requiring prospects to sign up or log in to access the paper. Make sure that most, if no less than all of your website content is untagged.